Mr. Taylor’s Reading/Writing Workshop

Welcome to Mr. Taylor’s Reading/Writing Workshop Page. Please use these resources to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a reader, writer, and speaker.


You will be writing Mon/Wed/Fri. As such, you should have a journal entry for each of these days, as well as a writing project in process. The completed writing projects will be added to your portfolio. Formative assessment will be provided as you write to help you with your selected project (purpose, audience, form). A writer exceeding expectations will have a thriving writing journal, along with a variety of writing projects demonstrating excellence over a several forms of writing (based on assessment using the BC Ed English Language Arts Learning Standards).

You will be reading Tuesday/Thurs. You should provide reading material chosen by interest and also by reading level. I can provide texts to you upon request. The library is an excellent resource and there are many on-line resources available. Your responses to the texts you are reading will be recorded in your journal. You may submit a response for evaluation at any time, and the assessment will be completed using the BC Ed English Language Arts Learning Standards. You should be completing one response on each reading day. A reader exceeding expectations will show a rich understanding of their selected text, and will choose texts over a range of genres. Understanding of texts will be measured on a literal level, on an discussion of the codes and conventions inherent in the text, and on the reader’s ability to make connections to other texts and to their own lives.